Scoped the area

To ensure that your furniture will be designed to be in the correct position.

Expertly designed

You can tell your ideas for our designers to design the furniture in 3D presentation. (If you don't have any ideas, it's fine. Our designers has many styles to present.)

Approve design and material

Once your dreams come out as pictures, it's not difficult to proceed to the next step.

Estimated price according to budget

No matter if you have a less or a lot budget, you can have your dream furniture. Let us be your assistants

Actual area measurement

To make your work flawless. After you order, we will go to measure the actual area again.

The production process

We will take production at the factory. On average, about 30-45 business days (more or less Depending on the difficulty of the work. We apologize for the long wait. We want to produce your work the best.)

Installed by skilled technicians

Takes a few days Your furniture will be ready for use.